Posted on 3/7/2024


Are you ready to escape!? Then it’s time to start planning for your dream mountain Escape to Blue Ridge! As you pack and prepare for your escape it can be hard to know exactly what you’ll be needing for your trip. Lucky for you we’ve broken it all down and created a list of everything you’ll need to bring with you, depending on what kind of activities you chose to do on your Escape to Blue Ridge: 


Toiletries: While our cabins at Escape to Blue Ridge are equipped with nearly all the essentials you require, be sure to bring your usual toiletries along with you like shampoos, hair products, shaving care, etc. We’ll provide soaps, toilet paper, and paper towels but it’s always best to bring a few extras with you!
Cool & Warm Weather Clothes: The North Georgia weather can be all over the place, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for any kind of weather. In the spring & summer bring some warm clothes for those hot & sunny afternoons and something warm like a sweater for those chilly mountain nights. And in the fall & winter it’s always best to bring layers; sweaters, coats, and hats & gloves in case of snow. Check the weather ahead of time to know exactly what kind of attire you need to bring!
A Bathing Suit: No matter the time of year it’s always smart to have a bathing suit on hand, especially for those relaxing nights spent in your cabin’s hot tub! And in the spring and summer months you can appreciate being out on the water with a number of fun water sports and activities like kayaking, tubing, and swimming in Lake Blue Ridge.
Sunscreen: If you plan on doing anything outside, be sure to bring along the sunscreen! Protect yourself from those harsh rays and load up on that SPF! Being protected from the sun will make your outdoor adventures all the more fun, knowing that you can enjoy the day without having to worry about a sunburn appearing later.
Bug Spray: Blue Ridge is an outdoorsy place full of bugs and wildlife. When going on a hike through the woods or tubing down the river be sure to put on some bug spray to protect yourself from those mettlesome pests. Even if you don’t plan on hitting the trails it’s a good idea to have some on hand, especially for those humid mountain evenings when the bugs thrive.


Groceries: As we said before, our cabins have ALMOST everything you need. However, the fridges don’t come pre-stocked with food so make sure to bring along some of your favorite snacks. And if you plan on cooking up family dinners at the cabin go for a quick grocery run to the local Ingles.
Appliances: You’ll find all your basic appliances at the cabin like toasters and coffee makers, but before you book check the amenities list at the bottom of the cabin page on our website, to be sure we have exactly what you need. For example, if you can’t live without your morning smoothies, plan to bring a mini blender along with you.
A Bottle of your Favorite Wine or a 6-Pack of Beer: There’s nothing better than taking in the beautiful mountain view from your cabin’s back deck with a glass of wine or beer in hand! Bring your favorite bottle of wine or a 6-pack of beer with you as your mountain beverage and hot tub drink of choice. And it’s always great to have an adult beverage on hand to pair with dinner at the cabin. Don’t have a favorite drink? Discover a new favorite wine or brew at our wonderful local breweries and wineries.
A Nice Outfit for Dinner on the Town: Ladies pack your favorite dress and gentlemen grab that stylish button up, and get ready for a night out on the town! Blue Ridge is home to many wonderful fine-dining restaurants that you may want to dress up for like ROEWhiskey & Waterthe Black Sheep, and Grace Steakhouse.
Contact Info of your Favorite Private Chef: When you don’t feel like cooking but want a nice dinner at the cabin, hire one of our amazing local chefs. No supplies needed, they’ll bring all the ingredients and tools with them to create the perfect meal for you and your family! Check out local chefs Chef Trey GourmetChef Eatz, and Blue Duck Eats for options. Just be sure to book in advance because our private chefs are a hot commodity!
Your Appetite: Bring your appetite because there’s so many incredible restaurants to try in Blue Ridge! From barbeque and southern cuisine to seafood, Italian, and more, there’s something for everyone in Blue Ridge!


Photo Courtesy of Kelly Croasdale Sutton

A Sense of Adventure: Bring your sense of adventure with you on your trip to Blue Ridge because there’s so much to experience here! From hiking & biking on the mountain trails, fishing on the Toccoa River, ziplining through a canopy of trees, or whitewater rafting down the Ocoee; the possibilities for outdoor adventures are as limitless as the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
Hiking Boots or Tennis Shoes: Blue Ridge is home to dozens of wonderful hiking trails that you’ll want to explore while you’re here! Just make sure you have the proper footwear for the journey! If you plan on doing a lot of hiking on your visit we’d recommend hiking boots. But if all you have is tennis shoes those will work just fine too, plus they’re more versatile than hiking boots and can be used on any of your outdoor adventures.
Hiking Snacks: There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a hike and your stomach starts growling. Make sure to pack some quick & easy snacks like trail mix or a protein bar for that quick boost of energy to get you through the rest of your hike.
Waterbottle: It’s always important to hydrate when you’re outside exercising, especially on those hot summer days! Pack your favorite Hydroflask or Camelback water bottle and drink up when you need it!
Backpack: Bring along a backpack or string bag for your outdoor adventures and pack it up with everything you may need (waterbottle, sunscreen, snacks, binoculars, etc). That way you’ll always be prepared for wherever your adventure may lead you!
Fishing Pole: Blue Ridge, Georgia is known as the Trout Capital of Georgia, so if you’re an avid fisher make sure to bring along your fishing pole & favorite bait to catch some trophy trout from the Toccoa River!
Cowboy Boots: It’s time to giddyup and feel like a cowboy for a day with a trail ride through the North Georgia Mountains. Put on your favorite pair of cowboy boots and you’ll be feeling like you’re riding through the wild, wild, west in no time!
Collapsible Dog Bowls & Leashes: The town of Blue Ridge is just about as dog-friendly as it comes! So, if you plan on bringing your four-legged best friend along with you as your hiking companion then make sure to bring a collapsible water bowl with you. Afterall your dog needs to hydrate just like you do! And don’t forget to bring along a leash as well, because our trails require dogs to be leashed at all times.
Leave No Trace: As you explore the great outdoors remember to leave no trace and leave everything just as you found it. Leave only footprints and bring back only pictures from your adventures.


Photo Courtesy of @iamianjones

–Camera: Get ready to say cheese! Bring along your camera or smartphone camera to capture some of your favorite Blue Ridge memories. We especially love Polaroid Cameras because it’s a fun & vintage way of taking photos that you can assure never disappears.
–Geocaching Bag: Bring along your geocaching bag to store all the treasures you find on your trip! And don’t forget to bring your own treasures, so you can follow the “take one and leave one” policy.
–A Printed Copy of our Kids Activity Booklet: Print out our kids activity booklet and bring it along with you to ensure your child has the most memorable vacation ever! Our activity booklet is filled to the brim with educational activities and fun scavenger hunts that will take you and your family to some of Blue Ridge’s most iconic locations.
–An Extra Bag for Souvenirs: There’s no shortage of souvenirs to be found in Blue Ridge so make sure you bring an extra bag to store all your new goodies in!
–An Open Heart: And last but not least make sure to bring an open heart, so that you can look forward to all the adventures and exciting experiences that await you in Blue Ridge! We just know you’ll create lasting memories with your loved ones that you’ll carry with you in your heart always.